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12 December 2007



What a fantastic gift for his grandsons!

Be sure to show your boys the picture of Grandpa on the same wee tractor(again if they've seen it before). I can't wait to see how excited they'll be.

That's SO coolie, what a splendid grandfather!



That's awesome! I hope your boys love it, which will be a gift in itself to your stepdad.


Dad is pretty awesome for doing that for them!!! he was so excited that he got to do that.That is pretty cool. the boys are gonna love it!!! can't wait to them!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love this post. This is just the sweetest thing for short haired Bill to do. And it's so well restored. I hope your boys get a real kick out of playing with it.

Thanks for sharing!

Tamara in GA

Bill rocks! He can fix anything!


Oh what a great story! This is amazing!! I subbed you in my bloglines..I was the first one to sub you..what's up with that? Your blog is fantastic!


You know what? Grandpa is going to be even more excited than the boys if you can imagine that!

Totally something my dad would have done for his little grandkids.


You are right...there is no better gift!! Totally awesome.


I finally installed a blog list and included you. I hope that's okay?


The crazy thing about this which is quite awesome....I played with that exact same John Deer Tractor when I was the boy's ages. I am so glad to see the tradition going on and on. It looks a hell of a lot better though since I had it. I can't wait to see the boy's faces when they open that gift.

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