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13 December 2007



What brought this on?

Debra W

Oh my,

What happened?


I'm curious, all the posts in the catagory Private School Drop-outs, make it clear that a religious pre-school is a poor match for your family...so, why do you continue your child's enrollment?

Undomestic Diva

For reasons why we stay at the religious preschool, please see "Religious As Hell" under the private school dropouts category... It's purely for the amazing curriculum that has him reading already. Plus, E enjoys it, and even if I don't, that's OK with me.

Kelly in Colorado

Awwwww Megan. I am sorry that you've been made to feel this way. Please know that not all Christians are holier than thou. Sometimes the concept of grace gets lost and people end up trying to work for their salvation from a place of legalism and fear and they become judgemental and place their rules and expectations on others. God is not like that. I don't know what happened but I am sorry.

I really enjoy your blog. You say it like you see it and that kind of honesty doesn't always come easy. For all your crustiness... I suspect you are really soft at the center. I can see clearly that you are a good mom and that your family is important to you.

Hang in there!

Lyssa Ireland Thomas

OMG, my kids go to the same school! They must because I got the same memo. Except mine also reminded me that pants aren't allowed on women when they are looking perfect. Obviously, they missed the varicose veins under my hose.


I agree with Kelly in Colorado. I consider myself a Christian but am all too aware (having experienced it myself)how "religious" people can really turn people off with their judgmental attitudes. I don't think anyone, anywhere responds well to that type of treatment!


Yucko, there are a few like that here. I sent my kiddo to a methodist Pre-k for the same reasons as you did. They were laid back with the religion, And the pastor was santa, and elvis @ halloween. We also had egg hunts at easter with the bunny=also the pastor. The songs grated my nerves " baa baa Im a sheep" my ass.And the whole "mommy why don't we go to church"thing, But small price to pay for reading skills and super small classes where the teachers are ACTUALLY allowed to hug the kid when they get hurt. hope you're feeling better today. And don't worry he'll wear out of the brainwashing, I did.

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