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08 March 2009


Lesley @ Um...What??

OMG. I love this post almost as much as I love TruTV! (That's a LOT of love.) Check out Operation Repo if you get a chance. Then just TRY to tell me you don't totally love it. Freak Factor: Off The Charts!

Great post. Heh.


I don't know about normal, but if this is wrong, I don't want to be right! I can't just channel surf and look for something to watch because I never make it past TruTV (channel 65 here!) I'm a big fan of Cops... I love it when the camera man is trying not to pass the cop when they are running, and I love it when the fat old dude catches the 20 year old crack head and spends the next 10 minutes kneeling on his back while trying to catch his breath.

Apryl's Antics

Not to make you jealous, but I own the remote here and husband loves to watch that stuff with me. He's also not a serial killer.

The Mother

What is it about guys, the bed, and TV?

Why do men take over the whole bed? And it doesn't matter how big the bed is, either.

And I'm really tired of watching kung-fu movies and westerns. When he channel-surfs, he never stops at anything I want to watch.

I don't think you're abnormal. I think you've just got an acute case of husband-annoyingness.

But, if you've been watching all those forensics shows, you should know how to fix it by now...

Dawn in Austin

I know I am an anomaly, I don't watch TV. I did use to watch TV - every Thursday night for 10 years, without fail. Now I own the set and will throw in about 5 dvds and have a Friends marathon on rainy days. I miss them *sniff*.
(I even missed a tornado warning once, because of not having the tv on- thank goodness for friends who know I'm wierd!)


NOOOO my sister does the same thing to me. I'll come home from work and that crazy shit is on. Oh god, it hurts my soul to watch it yet I CANNOT LOOK AWAY.

Claudia W

Thank Gawd, there are other people out there who watch! I was watching it in secret! Yes, sisters of the Tru TV! I can come out of my closet now!

JP in IL

anyone ever get sucked into "cheaters". That is so stupid...but, I have been known to watch 2 episodes, back to back! My boyfriend told me how stupid it was...but he watched it with me...BOTH EPISODES!

UD - we all have guilty pleasures!

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

OMG...I discovered this show last week (because my boys watch it before bedtime here and I'm going to admit that I bitched a bit about it and was all, "Seriously, I hate the George Lopez show, but are you sure you wouldn't turn it to that?!" However, up pops Gary Busey and then Danny Bonaduce and I was all, "Hell, yes! No. Don't turn this off when you go to bed..."

Theres a pretty good chance this is going on the DVR rotation...


There are no words. You are hilarious! I hope Candy Ass doesn't kill you off!!


I love it. Lack of caffeine has driven you FIFTY FIVE!! hehe


Ha, I love these shows! Have you seen the one about the biggest outrages in court? Those are even better!
I usually have to suffer through SportsCenter, which I normally don't mind except that we already watched it, twice, that day. Please teach me your ways of keeping it on MY channel.

Ms. Flecha

i used to work for TruTV back when it was CourtTV. Best job ever. Had a TV at my desk and we had live helicopter news feeds, so whenever there was a car chase, guess who got to see them all? yup.


OMG!! Operation Repo!!! It is my own little brand of crack. I love the episode where the guy comes out and tells them that "Satan sent you!!" and that God pays his car note. I laughed so hard my hubby called me a heathen and took the remote away....giggle!!!!!


Love the show and the dumbass criminals too. Quick note though, Todd Bridges is from Diff'rent Strokes, not Webster.


I love TruTV. If you haven't seen it, you MUST see "Principal's Office." It is so funny. The season for this show may be over, 'cause I haven't seen it around in a couple weeks, BUT you can watch episodes online (just google for one of the online tv-show sites). You will laugh. . .


This might have been amusing, if the writer wasn't such a potty mouth. Seriously, intelligent people (as opposed to, say, the "morons" and "idiots" she mentions) are able to fully express themselves (and even be humerous, believe it or not) without having to restort to expletives. In fact, I found myself wondering if it was really written by a woman (if so, she's certainly no lady, and if not, he's no gentleman).

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