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08 April 2009


Sarcastic Mom

My heart bursts with both pain and love today. For the loss and for the beauty I've seen rolling on and on all day long. What an emotional ride.

Thanks for putting this together and working throughout the day. You're a pretty dandy gal.


Would you please include a link to flickr group I created. I want a place for to upload pictures of themselves wearing purple or walking for Maddie. It would be another great way for us to show our love to the Sphors!



@Magda Definitely.

Daddy Dan

Thanks for all you're doing. I'm so touched by the efforts of so many great people.


I just had some surgery so I can't walk myself, but I am fiercely proud of all the incredible women who are deciding to do this today. Maddie's death is painfully sad, but I believe many children will benefit from this legacy that is being created before our eyes.


Just wanted to let you know New Orleans is putting on our walking shoes for Maddie

Steel Magnolias March for Maddie

Maternal Mirth

I cannot tell you how this has changed me. I was blessed enough to have met Maddie and held her in my arms. Heather and Mike have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly in the last two days. My heart goes out to them

I will be there on 4/25 in honor or Maddie.

Karen (Submommy)

I wish so very much I lived nearby. I will wear purple for Maddie on Tuesday. My heart is heavy. :(


Ah hell no I can't watch that video. My heart would fall on the floor in pieces.

Apryl's Antics

That mosaic is beautiful. The video did make me cry, twice.

There's nothing in the world that can replace a child, but the Spohrs are blessed to have such amazing friends--and strangers.

I'll be wearing purple on Tuesday and so will my kids.


Thank you kindly for the link round up. We will now be participating in the balloon release as well as turning our blog and twitter purple on Tuesday.


I wish I could attend. I have watched this video many time and have cried everytime. My family and I will honor Maddie and wear purple on the 14th. Thanks for putting this together!


wow... have been reading a blog about how the "power of small" is what makes the difference. I think this is just about the best example I've ever seen. Good luck on the march - I'm sure the Spohrs will be amazed and thrilled by all the individuals coming together in Maddie's name.



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