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29 June 2009


la petite belle

looks like a pretty good list.


Looks like a good list. My cousin learned Russian because he went to live there for a summer, it's hard but sounds hot.

I def want to learn Spanish because I feel it's the 2nd most necessary next to English and I'd like to know when people are talking shit..cuz you know they are ;)


Looks like a list that can be accomplished, I think I'll do a post with my bucket list! Thanks for the idea, and I will definitely link back here!


Can I be Alan? I already have a satchel. Indiana Jones wore one, you know.

Claudia W

My bucket list:
Finish my craft room
Find the backyard I know is there under the weeds.
Get my Kayak BACK in the water. (that isn't water from a hose)
Travel a little

The Mother

Get my novel published, get rich, and retire to the South of France.


If you make it to Seattle, you have to let me know! (I went by the store this weekend actually.)

As far as my bucket list, I'll have to give it some thought.


I'll totally help you with #4.


I can help you with #6 at Blogher. Oh, and #7- even though I am a native New Yorker, I have no sense of direction!!


I think you will do them all.
You know #6 is coming at you hardcore next month. twitpics please.


Russian? REALLY?


I want to learn russia too. Let's learn russian together.


#4 I'll slip you a rufie @ blogher. Just let me know when you're going to put your drink down -- ha! Chicago's not Vegas, but I'm sure you could find trouble and not remember a thing. :)


I can tell you, having been to the original Starbucks....meh. It's interesting in the fact that you can tell it was a very old building and space that was retooled for an old-style French/Italian coffee place, but beyond that.....

You can miss it. I promise.

Now, at Pike's, the fish throwers are who you want to see, especially with your camera.

Bil Simser

Cool list. I've actually done 1, 5, and 7. Once I sober up from these freakin' cappuccino martini's I'm posting my bucket list on my blog (wherever it is).

Oh fuck. The text is moving. Make it stop! Make it stop! AEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIII!!!!!

Drug Rehab

On my list: get addiction treatment for my heroin problem (done)

Heidi Namba

I'm a regular reader of your blog. Introduced by my sister who also regularly reads your blog. You make me laugh and I relate in a lot of ways because I also have 3 youngs boys. I live in Seattle and I notice that you want to visit Pike Place market to visit Starbucks. Fun! It's so wonderful down there. I'm very willing to show you around the city. You'll love it. Right now it's soooo busy with tourists. October would be a wonderful time to visit. Or late September. Geez, come for a long weekend - you can accomplish a lot here in a weekend.

Seriously, I'd love to show you around. Think about it.



Here is a great site to create,manage and share your bucket list.


check it out.

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