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20 November 2009



<3 the song you picked for it..

can i come over and taste test things for you?


I can't stop laughing, but I have to say the potatoes actually look pretty good! God, what does that say about me?
I love your one enormous potato at the end - reminds me of my attempt to make cookies without anyone telling me about the whole spreading issue.
Just so you don't feel alone, I cook everything at 180 (prob 375F), no matter what it is. My mother in law thinks I'm nuts but it seems to work, sort of.

Sarah (@scunning)

Oh honey. Thanks for the laugh! It really wasn't bad. Even though they grew I still thought they looked pretty good.


Cheese+potatoes and I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong. They look delicious to me.


good try. I have never attempted that and not sure I will now either.

ps. can you make me a mixed tape. I love your taste in music ;)


I had a long comment that got eaten. Probably by those MASSIVE potatoes.

I'm DYING over here, but I'm laughing with you, honest.

JP in IL

You crack my shit up!! Thanks for the laugh!

What did Candy Ass say about the finished product?

I can't wait for the next production!

tattoo twin

Oh Megan, this is why I love you. *your tattoo twin*


Oh my gosh..... quite possible THE best freaking cooking video I have ever seen.

Jenn in IL

Is it wrong that I still want to eat that? Because it looks awesome, regardless of how it was SUPPOSED to look.

Jenn in Tenn

LMFAO...omg...I am at work, laughing like a freakin' hyena. You kill me! I loved seeing the bowl...and thought 'well, yeah it's full'...but then the potatoes you ALREADY filled....LOLLOLOLOL
Good stuff. We definitely need more of that!


You took too much meat out of the potato, that's why it's so limp.

Heh, limp. Meat.

You seriously need to do more of these.

Overflowing Brain (Katie)

Your kids crack my shit up. "Are you guys excited?" Yes, yes NO.


Please let me teach you how to cook. You can teach me fondant, I'll teach you how to make the world's greatest, and entirely separate from one another, twice baked potatoes.

Tamara in GA

That is why I miss you!

becky @therealbecks

omg. this is so effin hilarious. seriously.


"Am I the worlds greatest mom for making these?"

"No, I mean yeah"

"DADDY take a picture of me like this!"

bahahaaaaaa I love your dudes.

Best cooking show ever. For the record, I so would have ate those.


Too much sour cream? Also, I agree with Will that taking so much of the potato out of the skin contributed to the problem. However, they still look yummy and I bet they were enjoyed!

We used to make twice backed potatoes, but somewhere along the way we decided that putting them back in the skins wasn't worth the effort.

Karen Sugarpants

I'd hit it. That shit looks yum. I tried to make the Pioneer Woman's smashed potatoes, which is kinda similar and effed that up pretty good. :)

Claudia W

Where the hell did you find potatoes that big? My look like little anoexic things when I start and then worse when they are all done. Still, like someone said above..Potatoes/chesses? You can't really go wrong!
Loved the video, music, laughs!

Claudia W

I meant that MINE look....not my look...such a screw up sometimes...

Lauren @Solstice621

That is hysterical. It does look yummy though - how did they taste?


Look delicious to me! You should continue this cooking show! Twice Baked Potatoes are about top end of my chef skills as well, but near impossible to screw up (even if it ends up as one giant potato!).


Please make video's!! I love them. That was hilarious! I've never made twice baked potatoes before. Growing up my mom just bought them in the freezer section and popped them in the oven.

Your boys are so cute! How did the ribs turn out? The potatoes too?

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

To the multitude of reasons I already totally dig you, let me add my fist bumps and respect for the fact that your rock the giant bag of shredded cheese. Soul mates!

Apryl's Antics

I really think you should have a cooking show. I know people. We should tawwwlk, dahling.:)

Donna in VA

You totally cracked me up!! I'm trying to watch this in my office all sneaky like and I'm busting at the seams stifling gut-wrenching laughter.
You are doing what I'm TRYING to do. . . come up with new original dishes; only you did it by accident. You've made Diva-Style Twice-Baked Potatoes. And I bet they were very delicious! Diva Style! I love it!

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

Oh man, that was awesome! I LOVE the look you gave the boys when you asked if you were the best mom in the world. Rachel Ray missed out!

Bob O'Connor

Candy Ass and the boy's are very lucky! What a doll - Watch out Rachael Ray.
Are you going to share recipe?

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