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23 November 2009



Those may very well be men's boots.
I had a similar pair of motorcycle boots back in the early 90's. They came from England, and were motorcycle specific.
Very nice tho.
I have found myself quite shameless at times- asking people what kind of boots they're wearing since I too have been coveting some new boots.
I found a couple pairs of Born (for around $200- UGH) that I do like too.

Karen (SubMommy)

Well, I haven't a clue where to find you those boots, but I can tell you whose personal style I HATE.

The Olsen Twins.

How much money did you pay to look like a bag lady? What's next? A designer shopping cart? Or can we look forward to your "line" of "designer" shopping carts at my local Wal-mart sometime next year?

Ok, that said - I like Charlize Theron. I wish I was that tall.

Anne Y

I have spent hours looking for these boots knowing I have seen them before and I cannot for the life of me locate them. The search will continue in the morning!


I found them in black. They are on eBay super cheap. Also found a different style you may like.

On eBay: http://tinyurl.com/ygq82cr
Or at Nordstroms: http://tinyurl.com/yzja2oz 

These are cute, but w/lace backs at Piperlime: http://tinyurl.com/y8w72xa


These are pretty damn close



I'll give you a $20 Starbucks card* to NOT wear them. No likey!
*just kidding. I'm too cheap.


I'm pretty sure they're Coach- they make a style called Fiona that looks a lot like that. But the leather(wear) and the heel- they're almost definitely Coach.

Unplanned Cooking

Too funny! I am not a shopper, so when I see something I like, I buy it. You should have offered that woman $100 :).


@Cat - You are very close... but the ones in the photo don't have a heel. I'd rather not have a heel. If no one else comes up with the *exact* pair, the gift card is yours.


I saw the boots at Nordtrom's from above with the red zipper, I'm still searching!


they look like REAL riding boots - either equestrian or bike... and well worn to get that colour

these are close though http://www2.victoriassecret.com/commerce/onlineProductDisplay.vs?namespace=productDisplay&origin=onlineProductDisplay.jsp&event=display&prnbr=EG-215924&page=2&cgname=OSSHUBOOKNE&rfnbr=6510

Andrea's Sweet Life

OK, I just spent WAY too much time looking for those damn boots. You'd think the "blue zipper" would make them easier to find, but it just fucks up the search engines. Stupid robots.


I think we're looking at a boot/half chap combo here - the ankle is too baggy for them to be tall boots, and the strap at the bottom does not look like it's connected to the boot - see how it sags down at the heel? And the leather isn't quite the same color on both foot and leg.

Finding the exact half chaps is impossible no matter how I google. For a nice, slim look go for the English riding style, or search amongst the thousands of motorcycle chap sites for something a little more edgy.

The no-heel boots are much easier - they're simple ropers - http://www.sheplers.com/list/womens_laredo_boots/045a69.html

or jodhpur boots -


Impossible to tell from the photo.

The other commentors have made some great suggestions, too. Good luck with your search!

Nolita Morgan

Possibly a variation of these really, really expensive boots? Rosebowl by Golden Goose. Vintage-inspired distressed leather boot with red accented zip detail at 16" shaft, 3/4" stacked heel. Leather sole.
They are only $1300! ;.)


those are men's black leather harness boots. u can get them at wal-mart. but the blue zipper..i would look at that store thats like the hot topic of foorwear in the mall (dont know the name) or a fetish store...seriously if u drop the blue zipper thing you can get these anywhere and they should cost under 200$


katie says they might be urban outfitter but this link there is no zipper...


these have a zip but no buckle...



those boots are awesome. I hope you find them. If you don't find the zipper or heal you want, you might call around to your local cobblers and see if they can add/change the boots you find to your desires.


I am still searching.
Check these Frye boots out. No zipper though.


These are bad ass too. Still searching for the zipper & double buckle.


RE: Tampon section/First Aid kit stuff next to each other....if it stops a bleed, then it's all the same. Right?
RE: Boots - yes, those boots are cool, I will ask Jeannie to look for them for you, she can sniff out shit like that.

kerry s

Meg...are these them?


Primary Work at Home

I like the boots. So nice!


Last month I bought boots like that except mine have no zipper and the straps loop around twice. I love the colour and the leather is incredibly soft and comfortable. I got them at Zara (the one at The Grove in Los Angeles), I tried to find a picture on their website to show you but their website is a pain in the $@#, so no luck. If you are near a Zara they are in 'the young' section, whatever that means. I hope you find them, I love mine.


To everyone who has pointed out the Charles David 'Rowdy' boots - those are not them, but definitely the closest to what I saw at Disneyland and I love them too. (Except the price.)

Nolita Morgan

Hi...just wondering if you ever found these boots for yourself. Hope so!


i have been trying to find these boots too! the problem is, i actually tried them on at a nordstrom in CA and they weren't the right size, so i wanted to try to find them online - the box they came in at nordstrom said "steve madden" but i've looked through all the steve madden pages and still can't find them ... i'm not sure ... and feeling frustrated. they also came in a tan leather with a red zipper in the back.


Don't know if this thing is still going, but I was looking for these too...
They are Steve Madden! they're called "Roady" (so really they're knockoff Charles David- but much cuter, yeah?)

Here they are at Nordstrom: http://tinyurl.com/yblw2j4
They have both colors, but on separate pages.


Nice information, and that very good boot. Thanks for the post.
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Hi the boots are on Ebay right now, don't know if they are your size the brand is Golden Goose the item number is 200434536765 good luck!



they have them at nordstrom and nordstrom.com. they are steve madden brand, i tried them on today and am in love with them!!

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