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08 February 2010



Haha, I'll be back to vote after Matthew's cake post is up, I just wanted to tell you you made the girls and I laugh SO hard.


I don't need to wait until Matthew's video is up. That's basic internet 101. And anyone that fails at basic internet 101, fails in this contest.

You spanked his ass.

claudia w

Dyed hands down...yours ROCKED! I watched both videos, I thought about it and I can't go with anyone but you!!!!!


Yours was better than his! Yours was way more comlicated...especially the top part! Bragging rights are yours!

Diane Anderson

I watched both videos and you ROCK! Yours is definately better and you get points for complication! :)


I made the voting official and had my 5 year old Super Mario fanatic vote. He voted for YOU!! Yay!

The Mother

You win. You have real talent.I never got the hang of fondant.


I watched Matthew's first and thought it was awesome...until I saw yours! :)


Of course your cake was better, but I was also impressed with his first fondant cake.


OMG woman! You rawked it! (though I am impressed by Matthew's effort)

Yeah. How is it that you have such a talent with fondant?

oh, and is that kind of a scrapbook effort behind you in the last scene? not your best, my dear. :p

Jenn in Tenn

Awesome! You, hands down, totally!
You've inspired me to try fondant myself!

Stacey @twinmomoftwinz

(comments pasted from Matthew's site)
So let me say for the record that I am a huge fan of cake decorating art. Love Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss. So much so that I bought my daughter the Cake Gourmet for Christmas when really I just wanted it for myself to try and be all Ace of Cakes like (word to the wise don’t get it it sucks). That said I am quite impressed, I don’t know that I can do much other than to admire your amazing skills. I think I’d lack the patience.

You done VERY good. But *ducking and covering* I’m going with Megan only because she had the actual Mario Bros characters made out of gum paste (plus I’m afraid she might cut me if I don’t vote for her)


I think both of you did an AMAZING job. I will go with you though.. bec the size and attention to detail- amazing.


They were both really good & way more effort than I ever want to put into pretty much anything (which is kinda BS, bc I put that much effort into all kinds of things, before I realize what I've signed myself up for.) But overall, I think I'm voting for Megan, bc of amount of detail, color & fear of retribution. ;-)


You totally killed him! Way to go!


The 3D characters definitely push yours over the top. I also prefer your color palette.

You both did a great job!


They are both very good, but you win for the cake, and he wins for the video.

I have to give you both credit though because I would have to play Mario for "research", but I'd get hooked and would forget all about the cake!


Wow, you both made great cakes...

I'm going to pick your cake, I loved the decorating more.

Mary Jo

Wow you both did amazing. I am going to pick your cake however because the color pallet is more vibrant and true to the game. Good job!


You did a great job! I choo-choo-choose you! And not just because you look rather threatening with a knife, either. Plus you used Satin Ice over Wilton fondant, so clearly you know what you're doing. And gum paste?!? Is that the trick to not having droopy penis-like flowers, swords and fishing rods? Who knew!?!

PS... Matt used the same attachment on his mixer... he SO copied you! I must admit, though, his mushroom is pretty kick-ass, even though when I first saw it (pre iTouch) I was all "why's he making a piggy bank". Just sayin'...


I gotta go with UD! Great job! Very impressive!

Annie Y

Okay, I totally give Matthew mad props for trying, but seriously, why mess with the Undomestic Diva? You rock! Amazing cake! I am beyond impressed!

Karyn McQueen

Matthew's was awesome, but yours was a tad bit more awesome! My vote goes for you! I was feeling a little sorry for you on day 3, I would be so tired of my kitchen at the point... And yes, I find it very odd that you can't bake a cake but yet you can decorate one like nobody's business... Also, the fact that you had an entire cake decorating supply store on your kitchen table was pretty damn impressive!


You win because you used Vimeo, a company owned by my employer.

My dumb brother used YouTube, a company owned by a competitor.

Oh, yeah. Nice cake.


Well done Megan!

Your colours are brighter and more in keeping with the Mario world. I love your characters; anyone could roll out some fondant, cut out a star and stick to the side of a cake.

JP in IL

Sorry, Mathew...but I am voting for UD. The colors are what caught my eye in the very end. Yours was awesome, however! And, the technology you incorporated....Ace of Cakes would be proud!!


No doubt in my mind you kicked his ass!


you win for decorating. he seems to have the baking part down better though. but who cares about that. lol.


Hmmm... Matthew has my vote for the cake decorating. But you are obviously infinitely cooler than Matthew. :)


You win. I love both cakes, but the colors on yours stand out. Either way both videos had me completely entertained.

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