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06 April 2010


amy ebel

Here here ! great little guys.


You have me wiping back tears at work. You must be so proud of your little guys who showed big heart.


And I am now bawling. What sweet little boys you have. I was never lucky enough to hold or meet Maddie, but she has been in my thoughts everyday for the last year. When I get to see my sons learn something new, I feel a little tug, thinking of Mike and Heather. My heart aches for them always, but this week especially. I think we will plant some purple flowers for Maddie today.


Amazing tribute and beautiful story. Your boys will ALWAYS remember this and be better individuals for this experience. I loved that little girls smile too. Never met the family, just followed some of the tragedy here and in blogs.I'm going to go cry now.

Apryl's Antics

Of course, Maddie will see them! Because of her, your family shared a beautiful experience together giving you memories that will last a lifetime. That's how we live forever.

Sarah M.

What a great idea! I may have to go get some purple flowers myself for Miss Maddie. Thanks for sharing!


I have tears streaming down my face at work. This was a beautiful activity in honor of Maddie. Something I'm sure your boys will never forget. They're amazing, as are you.



Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]



This is a beautiful story, so glad the boys helped out. Wearing purple all week for Maddie



I <3 all of you wonderful people.
Love this.
I will be buying purple flowers this afternoon.


And I'm crying at work. What a beautiful things you and your boys did! I'm constantly amazed at how this little girl, who I never met, can still affect me to this day. That's so power right there.


Apparently I'm so flustered I can't spell...GAH!


Love it. That's awesome.


love this post. beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl.


Beautiful post, Megan! Stop making me tear up at work!


Love this. Love you. You are raising some awesome boys.

samantha jo campen

This is beautiful. What a wonderful day you had together with your boys.

Wiping away tears.


Awesome. And, I like the U. of Alabama t-shirt on your boy. That's how I knew y'all were doing the Lord's work.


It's a lovely idea. I plant orange flowers for my Matthew and it always helps. Maddie is loved by SO MANY...it's a wonderful gift for Mike and Heather and their family. xo

nic @mybottlesup

this is magnificent. what a beautiful tribute.


Oh, this made me cry. When it's time here in Michigan I'll be planting in purple for her too.

What a great tribute.


Beautiful. Just beautiful.


That is so sweet! What wonderful little boys you must have!

But Why Mommy

I'm crying. What you and your boys did was wonderful.


Beautiful job!

Your boys did great work!

I'm trying not to cry (scares my daughter when I do) and failing miserably.

Chibi Jeebs

Oh, Megan. Oh, your boys. Oh, your hearts. <3


Such a touching picture walk. The honesty and depth of kids is simply amazing. Thank you for sharing.


This is simply beautiful.


Such a fitting tribute for such an amazing beautiful little girl. Can't wait to walk with you for Maddie in a few weeks.

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