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11 April 2010



But can you access your blog and post from there? I'm thinking it's like a mini-laptop, since all I really need, in addition to my iPhone, is Word, or an equivalent. And I'd love the Kindle app on there. BIG SCREEN, BABY! OOH! And GIANT WordsWithFriends! :-)


I haven't used an iPad since I think the 9th grade...

Steve Jobs loves feminine products as used monthly by post-pubescent women everywhere...

He's simply expanding the absorbency to men...

Husfriend, step away from the Apple store...


Heh. We've been calling our iPod Touches "iPad Nanos" :)

And my understanding is that the iPhone/iPod Touch apps don't work on the iPad.

I don't get it. Apple used to be really innovative, and they had an opportunity to make something really good with this - a true tablet, and all they made was an embiggened Touch.

UD {Megan}

@Shnerfle - This version of the iPad is far from a laptop. So far from those expectations that they've already released dates for a new version... just a week after releasing this one.

@Nicole - I completely agree. This should have been a tablet COMPUTER. This is a total step backward... almost reverse engineering. Let's hope they do something substantial with newer versions otherwise... what a waste.

[I have heard rumors that they're already going to make a smaller version of the ipad. Go figure.]

cindy w

My husband bought one last week. Without mentioning to me that he was going to drop $500 on a new toy. To say that I was pissed would be an understatement.

On the up side, though, my three year-old LOVES it. Sigh.

The Mother

I love the disclaimer. I would NEVER have predicted that Apple did not pay you to write that excellent, highly technical review. Thank you for clarifying for those of us who need excellent, highly technical, totally unbiased reviews.


oooh that toy your kids were playing with was the i-pad? I must say, the only things that should come that huge and re-chargeable should be dildos. Just sayin...

Marty Mankins

As the owner of both an iPad and an iPod touch (actually, the touch is my wife's), this was a funny, well thought out review. Loved it.

Still keeping the iPad cause it's working for me. Hope your husband gets tired of his, though, as it sounds like he's not able to multitask with the iPad around.

Meanwhile, my wife has discovered there is Mahjong for the iPad. I must hide my new toy when I'm not around.



my favorite line?

"The screen is so bright it can illuminate your entire house. Do worry about paying the electric bill this month, dear. WE HAVE AN IPAD!"


@Shnerfle If you want a mini-laptop, get a mini-laptop, aka a netbook. It's an actual computer, with an actual keyboard, that runs real software, and you can use multiple programs at once. Battery life is great, they weigh about 2.5 lbs so they're easy to take anywhere, and you can get a decent one for around $300.

Apryl's Antics

Remember those GINORMOUS calculators and tv remote controls? That's what the iPad seemed like to me. Thanks for the comfirmation!


I'm an apple guy and I'm not even remotely interested in an iPad. If it doesn't fit in my pocket, there's no way I'm gonna rock it. Truth.

amy ebel

As i dont have or want an iphone or itouch its not repetitive for me. its lighter than my acer tiny lap computer and now ive saved the price of a kindle or nook. I read 3 or 4 books a week so its important. I like it for what i use it for.

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]

But can I still want one?


I love my iPad. Does this make me a Candy Ass?

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