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25 May 2010



First of all, if the raw meat is really yelling COOK ME BITCH, it's probably too tough to eat anyway.


Sad part? I'm a good cook, Husband is mostly vegetarian so I've had to be creative, but most of the time I just. don't. wanna.

We eat a lot of pasta.


Sigh. Would you like for me to send you some super easy recipes for ground beef? They're Megan-proof, even. :D

Peggy S Brister

I can't be of much help b/c I am vegetarian, but I use ground beef to cook (for my kids) spaghetti & tacos just like you do, but I also use it to make hamburger helper, hamburger patties for burgers, and smothered patties where you pan fry the hamburger patties them make gravy in the pan with them and let them cook in the gravy. You can also use the beef to make meatloaf. Just add an assload of ketchup and garlic powder and mush that shit all in a loaf pan and cook it for an hour and a half. Or maybe an hour. Fuck I dunno.

UD {Megan}



One more thing to do with ground beef? The MOST IMPORTANT thing to do with ground beef, I should say. Shepherds pie! So easy. And tasty! And easy to make for a whole family. Throw that into your mix.

I'm with you on the cooking, though. I suck at it too. I'd rather bake cookies. :)

Momo Fali

I laughed out loud while reading about those stupid lawn chairs. I'm STILL laughing out loud. Crying a little, even.

Don't feel bad. My husband ate pizza bagels for dinner tonight. Guess what I cooked at school today?

The Mother

About the only thing I do with ground beef is meatballs. I don't use previously ground for hamburgers, since my family eats them virtually raw--we chop our own.


I know I am southern and you are not (don't be hatin' - we can't all be from Texas) but have you ever tried a pork loin? You can slow cook the shit out of one of those suckers. There's a recipe out there somewhere with a pork loin, a can of crushed pineapple and some soy sauce - makes a gravy that you serve over rice - my kids LOVE IT.

I'd tell you the recipe myself but I ain't no Martha GAWLDAMN Stewart. My husband does all the cooking. Why? One, he is from Louisiana and in Louisiana, men cook. And two... the fire department recomended it.

UD {Megan}

LOL, Jen. Best last line EVER!

Also? I don't eat pork. Nothing religious, just don't like it. But it sound like something my husband would LOVE.


Salsa recipe please! I'm trying all kinds of dips and salsas lately.
I hate cooking, if I was rich we would eat from the Whole Foods buffet more than I'd like to admit. At least I wouldn't feel so guilty about the eating out part.
We have tacos every week too. Taco Tuesday to be exact, or if I'm slacking, it becomes Taco Thursday. I've been using ground turkey in place of beef because for some reasons it sits with me better than looking at raw red meat.

BIttersweet Confusion

Hey I'm all about leftover resurrection aka putting the same stuff and packaging it in a different way. If you don't want to make tacos (again) you can just make the meat filling, add rice and cheese and roll that sucker into a BURRITO!!! add some of your (i'm sure) awesome salsa and sour cream and VOILA NEW MEAL!!!


I cook twice a week: Taco Tuesdays, and Pizza Fridays. My husband cooks the other days, and thank God, b/c otherwise it would be tacos every other day; pizza every other day. Homemade pizza's not too hard though, especially if you buy the dough already made, sauce in a jar and pre-grated cheese. Yup, I like to keep it REALLY homemade like that. I hate cooking! If it takes longer to cook it than it does to eat it, it's too damn long in my book. (And my husband is from Louisiana too; must be why he cooks!)


5dollardinner.com ... she's got some really good, easy recipes. some of them I alter because she uses beans... a lot, and really, beans are good for you but just not my thing, lol.

also, check out bettycrocker.com for her skillet recipes. I love one pot meals. easy clean up.


5dollardinnerS.com forgot the s :)


Sounds like you need to get into a routine or plan dinners out a week ahead of time. Then you can be distracted by water beds and lawn chairs the rest of the week.

And I second mel, any chance you'll be sharing your salsa recipe soon?

Apryl's Antics

You can also make chili in the crock pot. My mom adds spaghetti. It sounds weird, but it's really good. I also mix ground beef with taco mix and add it to yellow rice (the prefab packaged kind that takes 25 minutes) instead of making tacos with it. The kids dig it.

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