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01 June 2010



Love this.

Chibi Jeebs

No words, just tears and love. <3


:( This makes me sad.


This is sad. But I'd tell my husband he needs to build a shrine and keep it all. And he'd do it until my daughter came in and slapped him down and got rid of all the stupid stuff. She rocks.


Very powerful post, Megan. Very powerful.


sigh. xoxo



elaine bennett

thank you for sharing this difficult conversation. time to hug my boys. here's to you and your uggs, baby!


This is a hard one friend and I know a very important one. Sigh.

Tons of hugs babe.

ps. Did you tell him you'd like a red bull in one hand and a SB in the other? (Sorry had to try for humor.)


Oh Megan, this was all too real. Many of my nights are spent in that silent turned over cry. Thank you for this honest post and a reminder that some of the real conversations have to be the tough ones. Hugs and Uggs to you.


<3 you... I know it's easy to say but stress doesn't help you any. Big hugs.


This is heavy and sad and beautiful all at once. Brothers depressed me and I sobbed when it was done, but not because I was contemplating my death or my husbands. Because my husband just became a police officer and, while I know with all logic that the chances of a situation so extreme is not likely in the small town where we live, I have been worrying constantly about the effects of such work on my husband's psyche. You know?


God, I know exactly how you feel. That movie screwed with me, too.
This is great writing, I loved it.


We haven't had one of those conversations in years -- so long that the answers would be all different now. They're so awful.


I am ever so proud to call you my friend. Really truly. I mean it.


oh sweets... you're in my thoughts and prayers <3

Andrea's Sweet Life

I hope you know how many of us would gladly come at you with needle and thread, if you need us to. Love you, girl.

Lex (@laprimera)

Love this. Love you. And? Don't die. xoxo


I LOVE this.


LOVE this. Such an important conversation, yet one that so few people have. I wish I had thought to ask my husband these difficult questions while he was alive. Instead, I'm trying to do what I think he would have wanted.


Hugs, Megan. I can't find the words.


You know I love you so.... can I get your external flash? That thing is awesome.

(You know how I'm seriously reacting here without me having to say it. I know for a fact you do because I tell you often how much I love you. <3)


This hits real close to home..I had surgery on my brain stem and spine.The outcome for me coming out of it wasnt good at all,but here I am..well written

BIttersweet Confusion

My heart is with you... I haven't had this conversation with my hubs. Thanks for sharing...


Man. The conversations get WAY harder once kids come into the equation. For now, I think I'll stick to my "what if I stood you up at the alter" kind of hypotheticals. :) Good post, sister.


This post made me hurt for you.

It also made me realize that my husband didn't know I don't want to be buried in a dress - so I texted him that. He was very confused but at least he knows now.

In all seriousness - we should ALL have these conversations with our spouses.


That movie just arrived from Netflix to watch... now I'm not so sure I want to watch it...

I'm sure it hurt to talk about, but they are important conversations. I ache for your pain. *HUG*

Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo

OK, now I know what I am NOT going to watch.

Love to you babe. I can just feel your pain in this post.

Me, I told MPS to sell all my stuff and then get me stuffed and then gold plated and then glued to the front of his body.


Dawn in Austin

Beautifully written. I have a lump in my heart for you.


You are incredibly talented and just impossible not to love. My heart hurts for you and your family...

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