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16 June 2010


Andrea's Sweet Life

Woo Hoo! New-York-City, BABY!!!!


I think I love you

Maaybe I'll see you next year? ;)


BOO-fucking-YAH. Right on girl.

No google docs this year. Snort.

Also? No vibrators for ungrateful betches. In fact, no vibrators at all. I think. lol


I love this list. I love you. And you forgot one important detail. Make coffee runs with Issa. Is more fun that way. ;)

Backpacking Dad

Back in my day BlogHer was all about how awesome the guys were.

UD {Megan}

Did I forget to mention that *one* of those 171 Starbucks in Manhattan (all of which will now have FREE wifi, btw) is *in* our hotel? Oh yes. And no, Starbucks did not pay me to promote that. I'm just an addict.

Peggy S Brister

I'm not going to BlogHer but if I was that would have totally helped me be less douchey. :)

Crystal D

I love it. I am going to print out this post and staple it to my Excel spreadsheet. ;)

Momo Fali

Wait...where did my comment go? Damn it. I took an Ambien and can't even remember what I said. I know I mentioned the business cards, because I won an iPod Touch last year. OH! I know! The pictures. Don't post pictures of people who have three feet wide, flabby, upper arms. Please. I beg you.

Mr Lady

That? Was perfect. Really.


I have a little bit of hate for all of you that are going. hehe :)

These seem like sound words of advice though.

When I see the inevitable bitching in the twitter stream I will tell them all, "SHUT THE HELL UP! @undomesticdiva totally warned you!"

Miss Grace

Great post dahlink.

MAKE ME leave the hotel this year. Last year I left like...once? Maybe? For half a sec.

There had better not be any coffee tables with touch screens is all I'm saying.


Sounds like great advice! I wish I was going :o)


Great list! Also may I recommend one-dollar bills for bartender tips? (And strippers.) Also, Pepto-Bismol.

UD {Megan}

@Kellee -- Oh please, please do! lol


I love your BlogHer advice. [gush] You are a wise and generous woman.

With all sincerity, thank you for writing this; it's both a good tip and great reminder.

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]

Yes, yes and more yes.

Also, make out with at least one person. Or maybe that's just me and Miss Grace.


If you're drinking, your hangover drug of choice should never be Tylenol and especially not Extra Strength. Please ladies, be kind to your livers. I recommend ibuprofen.


Yay I can't wait to meet so many of y'all!

Pop and Ice

I attended BlogHer for the first time last year knowing ABSOLUTELY NO ONE and I still had a good time. I wish I had traveled with another blogger, but I survived and I MET THE QUEEN OF SPAIN!!! And I didn't know who she was till I got home and then found out I lived in her hometown. Incredible!

The best part of the swag, for me, was all the bags the swag came in. I have an indefinite stock of reusable shopping bags for every member of the family.

I use Toodle-do to Todo religiously. Can we be friends?

I was terribly shy, yet I managed to meet and spend some time with Florinda of the 3Rs who is speaking this year.

This year I'm bringing hubby and my daughter. Hubby's the social one so I'm sure to have a far better time socializing this year hanging onto his social coattails!


Excellent piece! Not able to make it to Blogher but this advice is good for conventions of almost any industry.

Have fun, attendees :)


I just like an amen for the part about the people who work really hard to put the damn thing on... cough.

ANyway... carry on.


Now, for some reason, this comment won't (maybe, I mean, I did *just* start writing it) be as long-winded as the kickboxing post...fancy that...but I do have some things to agree with you on.

Like, um, everything. Yep. Totally short and sweet.

Fuck, now I feel like I should say something else for the sake of making this a more meaningful comment. Let's see...

Ooh, I give you full consent to post my headstand picture on your BH10 Flickr stream. I've already begun adult footie pajama online window shopping...'nuff said.

cindy w

I loved getting to meet you last year, and I'm excited that you'll be there this year too. Yay!


Megan? I'm the one who told you there was a SB in our hotel. ;)

Hey, there is also one two blocks away. maybe we should walk to that one, for old times sake? Snort.



This is me standing here, doing the slow clap.


UD {Megan}

@Issa - Now you KNOW I'm not joking about the ADD/short-term memory loss/some other 3rd excuse. lol.

A Vapid Blonde

So bringing the life size card board cut outs of my self that ups just delivered and handing them out is a little over the top?



Woohoo! Great post - you've got me even more excited to go to NYC for my first ever BlogHer!


I am going to my first Bloger also! I don't know if I am going to go all out and take Amtrak or take the cheap bus down from Boston.

I can't wait!

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