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04 November 2010




I think this should be distributed in the pamphlets teenagers get when studying for their permits.

The Mother

I have always felt that we should have a public police system for bad drivers. Everyone gets darts. You shoot them at idiots, and when they have 3, the cops pull them over.

I think it would work. Either that or we could just shoot paint balls and piss them off.


Spoken from my heart! You "get me"! lol


Oh Hell Yes! And this is why my commute is 30 minutes longer every day - I couldn't stand the asshats and now take the bus! I work in DC and HATE to drive to work.


love it!

the other morning at O'freekin Dark Thirty I was heading to the airport to pick up a friend. Peeps in the fast lane doing between 52 and 59...ayup...speed limit is 65, most people do 70 in bad traffic...uhm, hello, 52? Oh wait...gets better, after I passed 4 asshats like that I come across a street sweeper, no lights (did I mention, o'freekin dark thirty?), doing 53 in the fast lane ...ayup...hello?

and...I thot of the paintball concept years ago...except, the way people drive I'd be out of paintballs in the first hour and have trigger finger...sigh. Tho it would remind me of the Pinto a friend bought for an Art Center project---$1 and it was painted like a Monet...then we each gave $1 for 3 hits with a sledgehammer before it got towed away...;-)


I live in MA, state of the worst drivers ever (except maybe NYC)

I feel your pain!


You drive just like I do. YAY us!!!!


Sounds like you are in Atlanta


oh lord, you're in atlanta...you could one finger salute my father in law and his wife out in Kennesaw...;-)


My huge piss-off trigger is when people get on entrance ramps and don't get up to speed by the time they're supposed to merge into traffic...AUGH!!!


Yes, these should definitely be included in the driver's ed manuals... what NOT to do.

Years ago, I worked as a bank teller... once while manning the drive-thru, a nondescript 4-door car rolled up. I don't remember what make or even color the car was... because all my attention was focused on the insane number of children they had crammed into the car. NONE of which were in proper car seats. Five kids in the backseat AND two were sitting in the front seat. IN THE PASSENGER'S LAP.

Josette at Halushki

I'd love to be able to post a post like this with cell phone photos of the license plates.

Oh, how I'd love to do that!

In fact, license plates should have to be cell phone numbers so you can text the assholes later and tell them what jerks they are.


absofuckinglutely. 2 everything. it's like war on the road these days. last girl i yelled at texting behind the wheel flipped me off. i laughed at her and she went nutzo.
paz, scott


OMG I LOVE THIS POST!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is irritated with everyone else's idiotic driving!! And I don't mean to brag, but I am a total multi-tasker!

Rachel Stoneham

I'd say YES to that, girl! You're absolutely a DIVA! We must be annoyed of those people who don't take driving seriously. Hello? Accidents do happen all the time, peeps. So we must always be careful when we hit the road.

Ginny Crandall

I think you just hit the nail on the head. I'm from the midwest, where people drive nicely. However, since moving west, I have considered hiring a utah personal injury lawyer ( http://christophergerald.com ) more times than I can count. Why? Because some moron just so happened to commit offense #2. Or they decided to wait until the VERY last second to merge. Or they decided that driving in the merging lane was a great idea. So frustrating. Thanks for the post. Now I know there is at least ONE other competent driver on the road.

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