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01 June 2011



That's incredibly clever and amazingly crafty. I thought *I* was crafty but you take it to the next level! :-) I bet they get easier after you've done one or two. I hope people share their projects with you.

jeff (@taylor900)

well ms. martha megan stewart ... what next.. knitting the flag for July 4th while baking red, white and blueberry cupcakes? oh wait.. could you?


This is incredible! And I'm a scrapbooker! I have all the supplies and technically knew how to do this type of book but I hadn't tried yet because I just wasn't sure how to start and how to finish. The way you show it step by step is amazing. I'm dying to do one for my daughter's pre-school teacher. Thank you for this awesome idea!


This is awesome. What a fab idea. How long did it take once you got it rolling? I see me doing this all day long. :)


Shit. That's much better than the relaxing Lush bath bombs I gave the teachers last year, with a note that now they had the summer to unwind. Frick. Now I have to *do* something.

Charli Mac

In the muscial stylings of the Beastie Boys, "She's crafty..."

You put my boxes of photos to shame. I need to get in gear and do something with them all.

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