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27 October 2011



Yes, this. (I never comment)

Trista Newton

I'm so down. Besides November being my birthday month, it's time for this girl to start LIVING.


I could just bawl. I've been sitting here all day dying of anxiety over doing the thing I'm going to do tonight ... in a few hours .... You've empowered me ... even though I'm still a little scared - I'mma DOING THIS!


I think it's awesome that you're doing this, especially because you already strike me as such a kick-ass, fearless chick that it intrigues me to think about what things YOU fear of all people.

Megan, Undomestic Diva

Adam -- If you only knew. I'm afraid of everything. Every. thing. I'm tired of living that way.


Tomorrow it is. Here we go...

Chibi Jeebs

Here ya go:


the muskrat

Adam is such a kiss ass.

Cool idea. Glad to see you pursue it.

I used to fear that Tilted Kilt. But you fixed me.


I'm in, better late than never. Scary thing - speaking up. Shocking, I know. This is the beginning. Thanks for the kick. #OpEleanor

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