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04 November 2011



It turned out so great! I absolutely love the Duff line of baking stuffs. His food coloring is THE BEST.


Love it!! Great looking cake. Happy Belated bday to L :)


You keep this up and you're going to have to change your name. Take off the un part. ;)

It looks amazing.


Damn, that is impressive. Next time I'm coming over to watch.


You did awesome. I am so glad to know the Duff stuff is worth it. The wilton stuff is awful. This looks totally awesome though.


Clearly Undomestic Diva is a mismomer. First the end of school teacher scrapbook and now this. Martha Stewart watch out.


Save the scraps of cake and make cake pops! LOL

This is an awesome cake, soon you'll be making the cakes for the weddings you shoot

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I really love this PTI card! Great choice of colors!

Your mom is a trooper...and so are you! Hang in there!

Donna in VA

Wow! What a great job! And an excellent tutorial. I bake, but fondant scares the crap out of me. You've just made it less scary. Maybe I should add fondant to my 30 day challenge.

Nancy [Spinning my plates]

Awesome job. Wanna come to Vegas and help me with Boo's birthday cake in December?


LOL - great post. I just linked to you on my blog, where I was using Wilton fondant, but I took their classes so had a bunch of it. Did you not like marshmallow fondant? I found a recipe for buttercream fondant at allrecipes.com, think I will try that next.

A Facebook User

You are hilarious. That is all.

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