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01 November 2011



I'm not participating, but I'll be a kickass cheerleader.

Larry Dolph

I need a new challenge this month as we start heading into a no baseball, no NBA fall. Time to push a few envelops


I am with you! This is a great way to kick my ass into gear.


I am so stoked to do this. November is going to be a month of swallowing pride and taking risks. I could not be happier to have such an inspirational ring leader. Love, The Bearded Lady


I'm doing a bit of a twist on this, and I blogged about it last night.

Looking forward to seeing what people do!


OK I'm doing it. One thing every day. Today: Walked by a goose and did not lose my junk. Am deathly afraid of geese. But I was on a walk with a man I kind of like and he doesn't know about my crazy bird fear so I had to hold it together. So yes, I walked by a goose. And no one died.

Chibi Jeebs

I did (my version of) Day One this morning. It was HARD, yo. *cough*that's what she said*cough*


I'm in. And thank you.

Twitter: mrschaos


I'm in. 30 house projects in 30 days - at long last I will live in the house I want - the clean one and not the one with shit strung unfinished hither and yon.


I'm in. Just posted my DAY 1 deed. This is going to be a tough month.

Lesley  @Avalea

Welp... here goes nuthin'!


Oh boy am I in. Can we come up with a joint one for Saturday though? ;)


This is fantastic! I am in (nervously;)!


My twitter is @feedingnat :)


I'm ready. This should DEFINITELY be interesting.

@Emmie - We have to! Because OBVIOUSLY.


I'm IN...nervous but excited!


Okay. I'm in. Here's to the best November EVER!

Shay Kay

I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow!! - and LOVE the Diane Ackerman quote- thanks for the inspiration, as always.


Can't wait to read everyones #OpEleanor daily challenges!

the muskrat

I actually didn't mean to participate, but given that I've been doing this on accident the past 2 days, I figure: what the hell?


I'm doing this because not drinking I feel like I'm a stronger person, but I know I've missed out on the "traditional" college experience, and I'm going to miss out on the "traditional" experience post-graduation. But I can counter that. I can do things that scare the beejeezes out of me... :) thanks Megan.


I'm in. @nannyanya


I'm getting personal, M. Not something easy for me.


I love the accountability and encouragement of #OpEleanor.


Ok, here I go...my #OpEleanor is going to start today. I'm not doing extra spectacular, but for me this will have to do. Baby steps you know...


I'm kinda in. Sorta. Well, what I can handle. http://queenofspainblog.com/2011/11/06/because-i-want-to/

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