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07 November 2011



It gets easier.

I promise.

Tricia (irishsamom)

Wow, I could really relate to this post Megan and I'm glad you wrote it. It's honest and it's a path I've walked too. I had the same experience when we short sold our home and I had to pack it up and go through my life and all the things that were now gone, all at the same time. A physical loss, for sure, but much more of an emotional one at the same time. It did start the healing process for me though and I'm sure it will help you through all of this. I remember someone taking my kids for the day - I, like you, just soldiered on packing up the house on my own, distracting myself with all I had to do. It was only after the movers had emptied the house out that I sat alone, in the house that once held so many good memories and fell apart. Even though I didn't want to feel those things, I allowed myself to do it that day and it was a huge part of moving on, despite the pain of it. I hope that it brings you another level of peace and letting go so that you can live that life you dreamed of and live it again, only better this time. Hugs to you. Keep writing. xx

Flora Valle

<3 <3 <3


Sometimes the hardest thing there is, is letting yourself feel.

Hugs Megan.


Its so hard, I know, but it does get easier.

Honestly, you handled it In a super healthy fashion by even looking at this stuff.

Cry. Cry it all out. It'll help. :)

You are such a strong woman, friend & mother. This whole experience is only going to strengthen you more.

Hang in there!


Issa said it, sometimes feeling it is the hardest part. I am so sorry you are going through this. Huge hugs mama.


For what it's worth, I am very happy I was lead to your site. Similar life experiences and all... Sending internet hugs and positive energy.


I get it. I do.

Love to you my dear. xoxo


Feel it we are here every Step of the way


Laughter is the best medicine. Except when it becomes a knee-jerk reaction that keeps us from feelin the emotions we need. This is too often my own reaction to stress and fear. Give 'em a joke and move on, that's my motto. Trying to let ourselves *feel* more is sometimes a big, scary thing. You're not alone in this, and your post reminds me that neither am I. Thanks for sharing.


So proud of you and so thankful you initiated this kick in the ass for the rest of us.

Donna in VA

Gosh, my heart breaks for you. But darlin', know this. . . you are much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Lesley   @Avalea

Oh Megan babe. *sigh* It was good for you to look in that box. It was. Is. Because mixed in your tears were happy and thankful ones alongside the anger and hurt. All of it being released together is cleansing. I can only speak for myself, but a good cry usually leaves me feeling raw and unsure the next day. Sometimes with a dash of hopey changey feelings. Sometimes cranky as a mofo. Whichever way you're leaning, pace yourself and be kind to you. This is a process, afterall. One that you are conquering and I am so very proud to be on a parallel walk with you.

I'm still running. I know it will catch me. Maybe during this process. Maybe when I least expect it. But I know it will. I'm glad you wrote this because I know I will revisit this post.


That strength of yours comes through in every word. Letting go is so fucking hard, but once it happens, it's amazing.


Chibi Jeebs

They say the hardest - yet most rewarding - thing is to allow yourself to FEEL your feelings. Scary as hell, though. And why does everything that is rewarding always hard to do?

Sending you much love.

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